Commercial Pilot Licence

CPL Update #5: Commercial Pilot Licence

It seemed miles away but in a little over one year here we are. The Commercial Pilot Licence. (more…)

CPL Update #4: Exams Finished

It's been a while since my last update, I'm glad I chose to post about the CPL when I had...

CPL Update #3: Garmin G1000

2017 is well underway, the¬†first subject for the year is completed and solo navs in the DA40 have started. (more…)

CPL Update #2: Diamond DA40

Well Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a good Christmas break. We had a few weeks off...

CPL Update #1: CPL Exams

Now I'm onto the Commercial Pilot Licence phase of my training, I thought it would be good to update on...