Week Twelve: PPL Theory Exam

This week was all about one thing and one thing only, the PPL Theory Exam. After just over 11 weeks it was time to do the PPL Theory Exam, a test that seemed miles away when I first started. I remember thinking in week one that it felt forever away and also wondering if I would be able to pass it. Well the time came and at 8:30am on Wednesday I sat the test, I don’t really know if I was 100% ready but then again I don’t think you could be 100% ready for any test, could you? It’s an unknown, you just have to hope you have done the work and put it to the test, literally.

Everything was pretty straight forward, the exam is done via computer and is very similar to the practice exam system AWA use. There is a list of equipment you are allowed, so make sure you do your practice tests with the specified equipment. I know how great scientific calculators can be with all their functions and easy to read screens but they aren’t allowed, so I got a little pocket calculator during my first week and have been using that ever since to get into the habit, rather than a shock horror come test time. I was excited to get this test done, so off I went. I thought there was a good mix of all the main subjects, I have heard that some people get very one subject weighted tests but I have to say mine was quite an even mix. Some of the questions were quite similar to the practice tests but some were worded fairly abstract, which makes me wonder how much it becomes a comprehension test rather than a knowledge test, which is an interesting topic with some interesting opinions, but let’s save¬†that for another time.

All in all it was a fairly difficult test, you had to make sure to take your time, like double checking Air Law questions against the relevant documentation to be sure. I did mark down some questions to check again once I had finished everything, but Nathan James our Chief Pilot had warned us previously that many people have failed in the past by second guessing themselves and changing answers, so when I got to the end I thought ‘nope leave them as they are’. I thought I had failed the test when it came time to submit, it had been built up so much, a lot of talk about it being the hardest test you’ll do due to all the amount of different content. Anyway, into the fray I went and clicked submit, and I passed! I let out a big sigh of relief, the last few questions of the exam were quite tricky so it was a big release for it to finally be over. I am very happy with my result, the hard work is starting to pay off. Plenty more to go yet, with the next big push being the practical flight exam, which is what I spent the rest of the week preparing for, making sure my flying skills are all up to scratch for the next test.

I also caught up with a Pilot on the apron during the week who was midway through a charter flight on a Cessna 441 Conquest II. He was a really nice guy, sharing some insight into his career and giving us a look around the plane, including the cockpit. It was great to have a look inside a different plane to what we have. That’s all for now, until next time.

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